Sunday, January 2, 2011

"To reach a port, we must sail—Sail, not tie at anchor—Sail, not drift." - Franklin Roosevelt

So I have spent the last two days getting things organized for the trip. Yes, I know I still have 5 months but I am so excited. I have created an Italy Binder to organize everything. In this binder I am keeping track of my money, what I have, what I need, and my list of vocab words. I have been studying Italian. It's a slow process but I think I can do it. My friend at school is very good at the language so he said he will tutor me this coming semester.
My mother and I have also been looking up fights. We have found a few options but are trying to find the best one.
I am working odd jobs around my town until I go back to school. My first big payment is due January 31st and the final payment is due March 31st. I am pretty sure I can make both of these payments on my own. My parent's have offered to help me with my plane ticket but I plan to pay them back when I return from the trip and get a summer job. I will also have a month and a half of work between the last payment and the trip. This money will be used for food in Italy. I am very excited to get my daily meals from street vendors.
Don't forget my link to Amazon at the bottom of my page. Even if I get a few cents from you purchasing something by clinking through, it's a few cents more than I had and a few cents closer to Italy.
Also, I plan on doing another fudge sale later this year, probably for Valentine's Day or Easter. My question is, what else should I sell? Is there anything you would be interested in buying? Or something you think would sell well?

Thank you everyone! Don't forget to comment!!


  1. ahhh to travel and live on Italian Bread, wine, cheese and pasta! Lucky!!!! I would love to eat my way through Italy.

  2. I am impressed with your work ethic. Keep up the good will appreciate the trip more because you worked hard to make it happen.

  3. Good Luck! Anyone take you up on the odd jobs?

  4. Jen, yes! My Granny hired me to clean her attic and put her Christmas decorations away. It was a lot of work. Decades of stuff in that attic. Other people in my area said they would hire me but I haven't heard back from them yet.
    And thanks Lucia and Steve!

  5. How is everything going, are you going to make your first deadline?


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