Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?" - P!nk

My scholarship application is in! I wrote the papers, met with advisors, mailed transcripts and answered countless questions about my life. Now it is time to wait. Unfortunately, my advisor told me that even if I get the money, they do not award it until the beginning of June....I will be in Italy. So I have to find a way to come up with the money and then hopefully I will get the scholarship and get paid back for the trip. I am not sure what to do. March 31st is my next dead line of $2,600. I have about $200 of that. I will be sending out a letter to local businesses soon asking for a donation. Even if they are able to lend a little bit, it will help. I hate asking for help but I am not sure what to do. I have been working so hard and was able to make the first two payments. But this last payment is scaring me.
As for school, it is going well. I am teaching now. Monday and Wednesday I am in a Kindergarten and on Friday I am in a preschool. Tuesday and Thursday are still full with classes and work. I have taught a few lessons for the classes....nerve wracking but so rewarding. It is amazing watching the students learn and have fun doing it.
I hope all is doing well. Any advice on how to make a quick cash? Any stories? A joke? Witty comment? :) Thanks all!


  1. Wow...its only like 11 or 12 weeks right? Soon you will be in Italy! I have been enjoying your blog, but don't post. I had to say that I have faith it will happen for you. I understand and respect you wanting to make the money yourself, but have you considered a loan from your family that you can pay back?

  2. Yes, I have considered a family loan. And if it comes down to it, thats where I will turn. We will see by the end of the month.
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  3. When do you hear about your scholarship?


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