Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible." ~Doug Larson

I had a meeting Wednesday about the trip. This was our last meeting before we leave. We discussed money, phones and traveling. So here's what happened:
*They suggest bringing a debit card instead of a credit card to avoid large oversea charges. This also is a good idea so you are not carrying around large sums of money. Also, if an emergnecy arises my parents can put money into my account to help me out.
*We discusses passports as well. Since I am new to travel, I did not know the details. I need to make sure that I am stamped in Dublin (where I have a layover) and in Italy. If I do not get stamped there is paperwork, fees and nonsense I have to go through to prove I can be there.
*Apparently the weather in Italy is very much like here at home. It can be anywhere from cold and rainy to warm and sunny. I need to pack a variety of things. When I go home for Easter break, I will pack everything and see if I can get in all carry on bags.
*We still need to find a phone system. I think my best bet is renting one from the University in Italy.
*We got our travel itinerary as well!! We will be taking weekend trips to Rome, Milan, Assisi, La Verna, Venice, Florence and Turin. Then we have one free weekend to travel where we would want. And my favorite one? There is a weekend where we can spend a weekend in a farmhouse in Tuscany. This is my heaven weekend :) This trip is the only one with an extra fee. This is because it is a filed trip with the University instead of our own. However, this fee is completely worth it!

The trip is nearly a month away.

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  1. are going to have a fantastic time
    love you


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