Friday, December 17, 2010

Hello stranger

I promise I have not forgotten about you.
Here is what happened:
Finals week + Many papers to write + My computer's hard drive crashing = Stress attack
Yeah, it was the hardest finals week ever. My computer decided to die last week of all weeks so I spent every second in the library cranking out papers.
But finals are over now and I home :)
I hope to get substitute teaching soon and picking up random jobs from neighbors as well. I have a little over a month to make it to the $2,500.
My mom and I will also be looking for direct flights to Italy...the less I have to navigate an airport the better haha!
I hope everyone is doing well.
Here is a question for you...what important words and phrases should I learn for Italy?


  1. so happy to see an update. May will be here before you know it! Ciao Bambina

  2. Phrases I think you should know:
    please and thank you
    I'm sorry
    I don't understand
    How do you say that in Italian
    your welcome
    I need a doctor/ I am sick
    Where is the bathroom
    I am lost
    Names of your favorite foods!
    Name of where you live
    what is the cost
    Do you speak english?
    my name is

  3. I think you should learn to say nice things like hello, goodbye, please, thank you, your welcome and emergency things like I need a doctor, where is the bathroom, I am lost
    but I also think you should learn how to say Hello Handsome...just in case!

  4. YOu should learn hello, good bye, please, thank you, your welcome.
    You should also learn the address where you will be staing.
    how to say doctor and police and help.

  5. I was thinking you need to know directional words, like Left Right Up Down North East South West ect.


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