Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Well, since I have my paperwork in it's going to be slow going. I won't have many updates until we have a meeting on the trip. The professor in charge said we will have a meeting once we have enough students attending and once that happens we can order our plane tickets.
The slow going is probably a blessing since finals week here at school is around the corner and course work is picking up.
Once I get my last two paychecks of the semester and count any last minute ticket or fudge sales, I will let everyone know how far I am with raising money.
Don't forget, there are only 3 more days until the quilt raffle ends!
A huge thank you to everyone who has purchased a ticket or fudge. Another huge thank you to my friends and relatives who helped me sell raffle tickets. And yet another thank you to everyone who is following my blog and believing in me.
Well, we had our first snow fall here at school so I am off to dinner and then having a snow-ball fight with friends and will probably make a snowman or two :) I love the snow!

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