Thursday, February 3, 2011

"The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe." ~Mark Twain

I have made my flight plans! I know I went on and on about making it a non-stop flight. They had many of those available but it was much cheaper to make a layover. So I will be making a layover in Ireland (which is so cool). We have our first meeting with our professor about the trip on Monday. So expect an update either Monday night or sometime Tuesday!
Thank you for all the questions and comments!


  1. so happy for you! and to have a stop in Ireland! your great grandma was from County Cork!! so on this trip your "little" feet will touch the soil that touched your Irish ancestors and your Italian ancestors!..enjoy each moment...learn ..share with us all when you get back!

  2. So glad your plans are coming together!

  3. how was your meeting?

  4. Do you have everything done for your scholarship? When do you hear?


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