Tuesday, February 8, 2011

“It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”-Old Chinese Proverb

I had my first meeting last night. I am ahead of the game in most fronts. Most people don't have a flight or plans. So last night was just a quick meeting. We talked about classes. The Grand Tour which I wanted to take is no longer being offered. So the two classes I will be taking are: Modern Italy (which is a class on the history of culture, food and living the "sweet life") and a class on the history of art and sculpture (this class includes trips to museums and other sites). Both of these classes have an additional fee because of the trips offered. That means there is more money to come up with...but this is a once in a lifetime trip! One of the classes comes with a weekend away at a farm house in Tuscany! I would love that!!
We also discussed living conditions. I will be living with up to 6 people. Rooms usually hold 4. I have one friend who is going so we are planning to room together and then the university will place us with another pair.
We also talked about phones. Apparently, the University in Italy offers us phones to rent for 37 cents a day. Calls to anyone at the University are free and international calls are more expensive.
I am working on my scholarship bit by bit. I hope to get a lot of homework done during the week so I can work on the scholarship over the weekend. I never realized the work load that came with Junior Year!
I am still working 6 hours a week. I have not found a possible way to work more.
I will let you know if I hear anything else!
Thank you for the comments!


  1. so exciting ! sounds like you are ready and counting the minutes..

  2. I want to spend a weekend on a farm in Tuscany! I am feeling a little jealous lol
    love you

  3. Have you heard any news on your scholarship? Any new info yet?

  4. Ordered my Statistics books through Amazon through your site - Every little bit helps. Good luck to you and have fun!!!! Valarie Kranz


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