Monday, October 11, 2010

Baby Steps

So, after I went to the informational meeting at school to find out all about this amazing opportunity I knew that I was in trouble! That was a lot of money to come up with and a short time to come up with it. Mom and Dad would help I knew, but we are not rich and they are putting two kids through college with two more at home. So I knew that I would have to work my fingers to the bone and think outside the box. I applied for and was accepted to be added to the Substitute teacher list at my school at home, which is great but only during winterbreak when I am actually home. I also got an on campus job that is flexible enough to work around my classes, mandatory tutoring, student teaching, that too will help. I am planning to offer my services to neighbors and friends and family when I am home in a variety of odd jobs and chores. Mom suggested we do a bake sale, a neighbor offered to sew a quilt that I could then I raffle off. I added associate boxes for Amazon and Endless to this blog so please, if you shop at these website, click-through the links on this site so I can get a tiny percentage. I will keep updating as I come up with and try new ways to get to Italy!

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