Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Money Money Money

Well I am back at school and had a great midterm break.  I have to apply for a passport soon and I guess that is a little over $100.  This weekend I plan on filling out my paperwork and seeing what is what. There is a $500 non-refundable deposit I have to put down soon to save a spot for me on the trip.  I just want to be sure that this is all possible and that I will be able to go before putting this money down. There are "check points" in which I have to make payments.  I think I am going to put down the money and find a way to make it all work even if I have to take up more jobs :) The thought of Italy is making me so excited. The opportunity to experience a new world and learn so much about another culture is more than I ever thought I could do at my age...or ever for that matter.  Keep checking back and asking questions!


  1. Have you considered selling some of your old stuff on Craigslist? They even have listings for services (like typing a term paper). You should go on your local and read through the listings. You may get some ideas. I made some money selling old stuff(books,movies,prom dress, you know what I mean)

  2. I am an education major too...what is your concentration? Are you getting double certified? Have you taken your Praxis yet?

  3. Hello
    Its nice to see a young person have such a good work ethic. I will be stopping in each day over my morning coffee to read your journey. I promise to use your links too. Good Luck


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