Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Just around the river bend....." - Pocahontas

In 14 days I will be landing in Italy. This is very unreal to me. I didn't think that I would make and it is scaring me. I have never been far from my family with little communication. My mind is over thinking everything.
I am officially done with my Junior year of classes and finals. How did I become a Senior??
Some bad news, I did not receive the $5000 Gilman scholarship I was counting on. They sent me an email saying that they had 300 awards and thousands of applicants.
Oh well. Keeping my chin up.
When something happens, I will let you know...


  1. I hope you keeps us up to date while you are in Italy. I look forward to sharing in your adventures

  2. Wow yu should be in Italy now right? Keep us updated, we want to hear all about it!
    Sorry about the scholarship though


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