Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 21, 2011 Traveling

I am now in Italy! I arrived on Saturday morning and have been running around since I got here. There is very little internet access here and the internet they have in very slow. I am keeping a very detailed journal so when I get to the school where there is internet I will post a new entry from my journal.
Here we go:

It is 6:30 am….Dublin time. That’s right, I am in Ireland. Sure it is only for an hour (due to plane problems causing us to take off an hour and a half late) but it is amazing. Hearing the pilot say “Welcome to Dublin” in his thick Irish accent was unreal. I have left my once loved English accent behind and have fallen in love with the Irish. It is such a kind and warm accent. Countless very handsome Irishmen have called me “dearie” in the last hour and my heart stops each time. Not to mention how polite they are all.

Oh, random fact: Aer Lingus has amazing flight meals. For dinner they served beef with peas, carrots potatoes (of course) and gravy, a slice of cheese, a salad, a roll with butter, water, cheesecake with milk and a piece of chocolate. They then brought out tea and coffee after dinner. This next leg to Italy is about 2-3 hours….and I plan on sleeping.

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