Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 25, 2011- "I have been a wanderer in distant fields. I have sailed down mighty rivers." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

Even with the thrill of being in Italy, my body is still tired getting up. Between the hot sun, constant motion and crazy schedule, I am constantly tired but happy.

I had class at 11:15 today so I got up at 9. Everyone else in the apartment was still sleep. I showed and put on my favorite outfit so far. Black flowing skirt, green tank top, yellow fishnet scarf, yellow flower in my hair and green eye shadow. I had the usual breakfast (piece of bread with nutella on it) and headed out. I picked up my Renaissance art book (which weighs 1000 pounds) and checked the computer before heading to class.
This class is called Modern Italy. It is a study of the history, culture, food and “la dolce vita” or the sweet life. Our professor was flying in from the U.S. so we watched a movie for the first half of class (classes here are 4 hours long). The movie was in Italian with subtitles which I usually hate but it was a great movie about the holocaust, love, family and perseverance. The movie was called La Vita e Bella….if you haven’t seen it, go get it now!!
Our professor arrived and gave an overview of what the class will be about and what we will be doing. One day we will be going to a vineyard and learning about wine tasting. Then we will be taking a trip to Tuscany to see a butcher and learn what he does.
After class ended at 2:45, I came back to the room for leftover pasta and start reading my large art book. Ashley came back because she had been creeped on by some guys. So we went out together.
First we went down to the train station that is built in the underground of a medieval building. We walked around outside for a while looking for a place to sit. We found a shaded area in a park. She painted flowers while I wrote in my journal.
As I looked around I couldn’t help but marvel at the sights. Trees of everything tall as buildings, beautiful flowers and paths all nestled in the center of the city surrounded by builds that date back before Christ. I am still learning to take things slow and enjoy the sights.
We had a bit of time before dinner so Ashley and I went back to the room to relax for a bit. She went to take a nap and I sat on the loveseat in our kitchen to do more work. Next thing I knew, it was 6:30 and Ashley was waking me up because it was time for dinner. Jill and Ashley were laughing because they couldn’t understand how I had fallen asleep in just a tiny, uncomfortable couch. I must be more tired than I think I am.
A professor from school came over to Italy and took us all out for dinner.

Here we go again with the food descriptions. The first course was pasta and sauce as usual. I am not sure what the Italians do to their pasta and sauce but it is so sweet, smooth and full of tomato flavor. The second course was pork and potatoes. The meat was cooked so perfectly that it was falling off the bone and melted in your mouth. The potatoes were very similar to the ones form the hotel. They were just crispy enough on the outside but very soft on the inside and were seasoned with fresh rosemary. I need to figure out this recipe…maybe it is the kind of potato …..hmmmmm The last course was the salad. I will try to describe this but won’t give it justice. I have never tasted lettuce that was so crisp and fresh and green. The tomatoes were bright red and tasted as if you plucked them from garden at the exact second they were perfect for eating.
Over dinner were talked about everything and even exchanged recipes. All the students sang happy birthday to one of the guys who was turning 21. He was so red.
On the way back to the room, we got gelato (again). I tried pistachio and it was good. While we ate we sat under the Italian night sky. Nights are very popular here because the weather is finally cool enough to be outside.
We get to sleep in tomorrow because Ashley and Jill don’t have class! Ciao!

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