Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 22, 2011 Headed to the apartment

So far so good at keeping a journal. Today was wonderful. When the alarm clock went off this morning it took me about 30 seconds to actually remember where I was. When I through open the window to a beautiful view, I defiantly remembered. We went to a delicious breakfast at the hotel: orange juice, yogurt, cressants, jam, fresh fruit, and coffee. Our shuttle driver then took us to our apartment. I felt bad because I had no idea what he was saying to us….I need to learn.

Our apartment is so cute. It has a little kitchen, table and chairs, loveseat, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Jill has her own room and I am rooming with Ashley ( Ashley still isn’t here yet, she got stuck in JFk, then England and then in Rome, she will be here tomorrow).
After getting dropped off, Jill and I went out. We got the lay of the land and then had lunch at a shop across from our apartment. We had panninis. It was funny because when Jill got her sandwich, she was waiting to eat until I got mine. The man behind the counter said to her in Italian “Eat! Eat!” Haha ohhh Italians and their food. While we were eating, we were practicing some Italian and the man laughed and said “Easy Italiano.” He spoke in broken English and helped us with some words and grammar. So far I have mastered “hello, goodbye and thank you.”
We then walked up the street and had gelato (this place didn’t speak English and I am gradually getting better at ordering in Italian).

May I say, I never understood all the rave about gelato until today. I get Bocio which was chocolate with nuts. Bonus: my cone had a smiley face on it.
We then went out on the walking tour provided by the school….I did more sightseeing then listening to the tour guide. Everything is just so new and beautiful!
After some more unpacking, we went to the school to check our internet and update our families. Internet is very slow and very rare here.
Our professor took us out to a fancy pizza place for dinner. Sorry Granny, but this is the best pizza ever. They place a whole pizza in front of you and I ate every last piece. I’m not sure how they do it but the cheese it so good and melty and the sauce is sweet and the bread it perfect.
Italians sure know how to cook. The girl next to me yelled “Oh my God” when she bit into it….I thought it was because it was hot….nope it was because it was so good.
Still jet lagged so just reading and then heading to bed.

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  1. I am loving these updates keep them coming!


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