Thursday, June 9, 2011


So last night I made my way through the storm and to the apartment. When I got there I flicked the light the entire apartment building. So I look at the instructions on the back of the door and went to the fuse box in the room.....all the switches looked in the upright position. So I went to the basement for the main power box for the building. Everything was dark and I had my roommates tiny flashlight (they were both at class). I got to the bottom and looked through the wire screen door down the creepiest hallway I have ever seen. I lost my nerve and went back upstairs.
After going back and forth to the school (My phone died so I had no way of contacting anyone) I was given the instructions of putting every switch in both the fuse box and the meter box in the down position. Then I switched the meter ones up and then the fuse box one up and we had power!!
I felt so hard core. The whole time I was thinking about the Jurassic Park scene where the girl is switching on the power for the fence.....and I felt very kick-butt Tomb Raider like.
I know....I'm weird.

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  1. This post totally cracked me up! Love and Miss you


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