Thursday, June 2, 2011

May 31, 2011 lalalalala Homework

We got up at 7:30 today and I had a yogurt for breakfast before heading to the library. On the way in CiaoCiao, very excitedly, greeted me with, “Bongerno, Ciao Ciao!” Haha he makes my day.
It takes a long time to type up blogs. While I was working I got a cappuccino….I have lost track of how many I get in one day. I worked until I met with my partner at 11:30. We worked on our presentation for a while. She didn’t feel well so I hope she will be in class tomorrow so I don’t present alone.
When Jill and Ashley went on lunch break from their class, I went with them. They got CiaoCiao’s and I got a kebob from across the street. I then tried calling my mom. She has surgery today and I wanted to talk to her. Unfortunately, we were disconnected after only a few minutes.
Since I had an hour to kill before class, I decided to sketch. I chose to sketch the main fountain in town. By the end it looked pretty good.
Class was from 3:00-6:45 and it was rough. The material is interesting but we had the lights off and the windows shut. My professor also has a relaxing voice which, today, made me sleepy. Halfway though we opened the windows and walked around a bit. After class, the girls and I went shopping and stocked up on food. No cute guys or old ladies though.
The plan for tonight is dinner and homework. I am very tired and will probably crash early. The Italian way of life is exhausting. Ciao.


  1. So Glad that you called...I will talk to you again soon. I am really enjoying your blog journal. It is allowing us to share your experience. We are so happy you are enjoying this amazing experience and that you are soaking it all in and I am sure your future students will gain so much from this 'worldly' background you will be bringing t your classroom, We love and miss you

  2. so what have you been up to this week?

  3. Don't forget to get a picture with CioCIo lol!


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