Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7, 2011 Living for the moment

I loved my breakfast this morning. I made eggs with spinach and put it over bread with fresh parasian on top. Today I went out early to get groceries while the girls were still getting ready. We were out of a few neccesities. I mostly wanted milk…I grew up a farm girl and need my milk in the morning. So I arrived to fight off the old Italian ladies at 9 am when it opened. On my way back to the apartment it started pouring. We stayed in until it calmed down outside and then headed to the school. I worked on my blog the headed back to the apartment for lunch around 12. While I made my leftover spaghetti for lunch I made up my study guides for my midterms.
Class was from 3-6:45. We talked about Raffaelo and then went to museum to look at some of the work. I really enjoy discussing and comparing works of art.
We went out for cappuccinos when I got back to the apartment and then hung out and had salad for dinner. I worked on writing things up for my blog until bed. It takes a long time to rewrite everything from my journal.
Italy is going by so fast and I am very torn about how I feel about this. Part of me misses home and cant wait to run off the plane to see my parents. But the other half of me is seizing this once in a lifetime opportunity and doesnt want it to ever end. I am trying not to let it slip away too fast.

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