Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13, 2011 Beware old ladies in need of groceries.

This morning we went grocery shopping. Again, we waited and were outrun byt little old ladies who wanted their cheese. We got more this morning than we usually do so we have food for a while. Ashley found Frosted Flakes and got very excited. We also got apricots and oranges. We came back to the apartment and I had a quick breakfast.
I got to the school around 10 and worked on typing up my blog until 11:15. Class was interesting. We talked about the pros and cons of the Economic Miracle, Vespas, read the story “The Vigil” and watched a bit of a movie.
I went back to the apartment and did some work for a while. My mom called to catch up. I miss chatting with her. She is my best friend and we usually talk every day.
By the time I got off the phone Ashley was back and cooking dinner for herself. I just had some bread and then I went with her to the art studio to use the internet. I got kicked out after a short time because apparently only fresco students can be there past hours.
I didn’t want to sit in the room so I went to walk around. I went to Bubble and the bookstore looking for something to get but didn’t find anything I wanted. But I found a cheap little knickknack for Ashley and Jill.
I had salad for dinner then we went out for gelato to balance the nutrition. I got Cremi de Gram which had pieces of cookies. I added whipped cream this time….it was crazy rich and creamy. Definitely only something to get once in a while. We sat outside and ate for a while and enjoyed the wonderful weather.
Bed early tonight. Tomorrow: Museum, shopping, paper writing, class, pizza workshop, out on the town for the night.

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