Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011 Look everyone! I am all caught up!

Hello everyone! I am actually posting on the current day. It is almost 10 am here and almost 4 am back at home. I got a rough nights sleep last night but am having a good day anyway. The girls and I went to the bar next to our apartment and had cappuccinos this morning. I orderd for all of us and thought I knew what I was saying when I said "Tre cappuccino" and the cute old man behind the counter said "Cappuccini! Tre cappuccini, un cappuccino." hahaha my first Italian lesson. In Italy, you stand at the bar to drink your cappuccino, you rarely sit. So we stood and drank and then headed to school.
Right now I am in the library and about to study for my midterm. The first half of class is my midterm and the second half is wine tasting....only in Italy.
I will update you later!
Ciao ciao!

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