Monday, June 13, 2011

June , 2011 "Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey." - Babs Hoffman

Just a day of midterms. The roommates and I went for cappuccinos again and I ordered correctly this time. I studied for my midterm from 10-1 and then got CiaoCiao’s for lunch and brought it back to the room. I got an apple to, in order to get a little fruit in me. The apple was super good and juicy.
I met up with my Renaissance Art class at 3 and we went to the Collegio to look at frescos. None of us could concentrate because we were all reviewing and worrying in our heads about the test. We then went back to the school to take the test. The first part was identification of art. She would put a piece of art on a slide and then we had to identify the name of it, who did it and when it was made. That was the hardest part. We then had four essays.
Ashley and Jill had class. I cleaned the apartment and danced around singing to my ipod. I also made dinner for myself (and everyone for the rest of the week). I sautéed pancetta with garlic and olive oil and then mixed that into pasta. It was super tasty.

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